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We want YOU (Fall internship)

imageYou know, for an internship. Because we’ve already gotten a taste of how fan-tabulous you all are at writing, and we love hearing your perspectives on women’s issues.

Plus a new semester is here and we’re ready to get right to it! We’re once again seeking 3-4 creative, enthusiastic and change-minded people with a flair for writing to contribute content to our blog and other publications along with promoting our campaigns through social media and other means.

Your glory-filled semester-long internship will include the following:
1. A weekly post on the Women’s Services blog.

2. Promoting Women’s Services as well as Women’s Services’ events and campaigns through social media and other outlets.

3. Consulting with WSR about projects, programming, and ideas. (This means you’d be our go-to people when we need an outside opinion about…well, pretty much anything.)

4. And more! We’re bringing you along for the ride this semester, and we hope you’ll be open to additional (small) projects as part of your internship—the best part about this? It’s based on your personal passions. Since we’re open to suggestions, if you want to paint the sky purple to raise awareness for Voices of Courage, we just might let you. (Er…yeah.) The sky’s the limit here and we’re stoked to hear your ideas. This could be a particular issue you’d love to address in a blog series, a booth you’d like to create, etc. We’ll chat more about it when your wonderfulness is selected.

6. About a 1-1.5 hour time commitment per week—enough to write your blog post and do a little extra, but nothing major.

If you’re interested, please submit the following to or to our office in 3326 WSC:
1. A resume
2. A brief cover letter answering this question: which women’s issues are you most passionate about and why? (Along with whether you’re interested in being a virtual intern or a drop-in)
3. A writing sample 300—600 words on a topic relevant to Women’s Services
We’re especially interested in furthering our campaigns, Voices of Courage and Recapturing Beauty, so you might want to write on a topic to fit within one of those categories (sexual assault/rape, bystander intervention, body image, eating issues, etc.)

Please submit your materials no later than August 16th, by 5 pm.
We’re so excited!

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