Thứ Năm, 11 tháng 4, 2013

Herstory Blog Series

This week, LaNae and I were asked to be on a panel about feminism.  Every student in the class we spoke in had submitted questions about feminism and one question struck me in particular, "In what ways has taking on a feminist identity shaped your view of how you view history, especially during an era before feminism became an ideology?"  I've been thinking about this a lot lately and what I've come up with is that most history focuses on the triumphs and tragedies of men because men are the ones that typically write the history books we know.  But women have stories to tell as well, so I want to help them tell it.  For the next few months, I'll be writing a blog series about Herstory (Get it?  Not History, Herstory).

Every Friday, you'll have a chance to read more about women whose names you might recognize and women you may have never heard of, contemporary women and women from centuries past, women old and young.  Sometimes the quietest voices, once heard, can speak volumes.  

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