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If I hear the word calorie in an exercise class ONE more time!.....

If I hear the word calorie in an exercise class one more time I am going to FREAK out! People say calorie like calories are our worst enemy. Actually, without calories we would all die!...duh we all know that. So why has the word Calorie become so taboo?!?! Why don't we ever hear things in class like..."Strengthen those muscles you don't wanna fall apart when you're old" or "Work that  heart rate so you can keep up with your crazy kids" or what about "Doesn't that feel good! Your heart is thanking you right now." But NO, time and time again I hear "Push it, you look too comfortable, you should be suffering, You want "RESULTS." Think about those calories" Aaaaaaa that irks me. 

Well.....maybe I don't want results! okay! Maybe I am just here to be HEALTHY. Yea, remember that word, I think you have forgotten what it really means. It also includes mind and soul. Maybe I am here so I can have more energy throughout the whole day, not to be worn out from this class. Maybe I am here to feel good and enjoy what I'm doing. That's a thought!

 There are a lot of people that push themselves to extremes to look better and lose weight. But how many people really go to the gym not focused on appearance but focused on health...and to me Health includes mind & soul, happiness, self love, and women having that little pouch in there stomach from having kids. So if you think you're unique because you can push yourself at the gym and are "disciplined enough" to have a tight butt and thin thighs, you're not. there are A LOT of people who have mastered that. On the other hand it IS unique to have a healthy, BALANCED relationship with you're body, exercise and food. To love who you are and know that your self worth has no attachment to your pants size. THAT, my friends, is accomplishment. And much more fulfilling, I must say. 

Now, I know there are people who, for healths sake, need to lose weight. And you will (if you need to) by taking this holistic approach to exercise, focusing on TRUE health. And you will find much more joy on the path to weight loss. But for those of you who don't need to lose weight, and those who do... Love your bodies already!

It feels good to move!
Releases endorphins which make us happy and love life
Increases bone strength
Increased stress tolerance
Its a way of expressing emotions; like gratitude, happiness, disappointment, excitement, etc. Its not JUST an outlet for stress.
Decreased blood pressure
Reduced risk of chronic diseases, including heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, hypertension, and some cancers
Increased level of good cholesterol (HDL); decreased total cholesterol level
Increased heart and lung strength
Increased metabolism- revs up energy production in the cells
Higher energy level, a little more alert and spunky
Mental health benefits; decreases depression
General sense of well being; an improved outlook on life
Better sleep: helps us sleep more soundly and wake up more refreshed
Sense of empowerment- seize the day attitude

TIPS for Healthy Exercise:
Find things you LOVE to do and make exercise FUN
Engage in a variety of activities. This will increase your enjoyment factor and decrease your risk of injury
Focus on how it FEELS
Disassociate exercise from weight loss
Be careful not to over exercise, keep it balanced. Your body needs rest too. 

Exercise is the primary means of coping
Exercise occurs despite injury
Withdrawal effects (i.e., sleep and appetite disturbance, negative shift in mood, decreased concentration) occur when exercise is withheld.
Overuse injuries
Stress fractures
Menstrual irregularity
Loss of bone density
Decreased Immunity
Frequent colds and/or upper respiratory tract infections
Inflexibility of exercise schedule


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