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Healthy Meal Help for the New Year

Happy New Year blog sphere! With each new year comes a flooding in of New Year resolutions. It seems the most popular resolutions often involve health, with many of these being to eat healthier in the upcoming year. Sounds pretty easy when you set the goal but by the beginning of February things can get a little tricky with a busy school schedule and/or everything else we have to do. Before you know it, your resolution is nothing but a distant memory.

Thankfully this can be overcome. I've found the trick to eating well THROUGHOUT the year involves both hard work and (most importantly) organization. Truthfully, creating a meal plan for each week is key to success. Yes, it's not much fun but it makes the next week go much much smoother. If you plan ahead by finding REALISTICALLY doable meals which appeal to your taste buds, create a shopping list around the ingredients you need, and decide exactly what day your going to eat each meal, you'll discover your "healthy eating" resolution just got a lot easier. After all, a "resolution" will just stay a dream if you don't take the proper steps to make your desire a reality. You gotta set goals and have a game plan people! Easier said then done but completely possible in time and the dedication to keep trying.

So with these being said and with my own current resolution to cook less processed meals, I've been stocking up on my healthy recipe repertoire by finding a boatload of recipe blogs for inspiration. Perhaps you may find them worth looking at as well, so I've decided to create a short little list of sites I visit when my cooking creativity is running dry. The listing order has nothing to to with one being "healthier" then another nor are all recipes on these sites what you would necessarily consider "healthy." In fact, some sites try to keep ALL there recipes very low in fat, calories, sugar, etc and some feature a mix of recipes from veggie based lunches to double cream chocolate butter cake. And that's okay because what would life be like without a little dessert anyway? So start exploring the sites and use common sense to see which ones would work for your cooking skill level, lifestyle, preferences, and resolutions. Also, if you have a different favorite site for getting healthy recipes PLEASE comment below with the link. I would love to have some more resources myself. Enjoy! (has many gluten free recipes), and are a little different in that you SEARCH for recipes your looking for. So if you want to know how to make a new type of curry or vegan recipes you can put that in and see what you find. The first site is a recipe database and the last two websites will lead you the blog which has the recipe for the dish your interested in. 

 *DISCLAIMER* I do not endorse any of these websites or health advise/diets/calorie levels promoted within the site. I have simply found some of the recipes listed appropriate for my diet. If you have any sort of dietary restriction or have a health condition affected by diet in any way please talk to your doctor to see what foods are appropriate to include/exclude in your diet. Thanks!

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