Thứ Năm, 24 tháng 1, 2013


Sometimes I don’t understand life’s little problems.

For example, I don’t understand why I like to eat my ice cream with a fork sometimes. I don’t understand why something as simple as cereal can be so darn delicious. And I really don’t understand why stores can’t just sell egg nog year round.

(Clearly, I’m writing hungry.)

But what really perplexes me is when people tweet things like this:

I found this when the year started, and (just to showcase my maturity) I took a screenshot of it just so I could show people how ridiculous it was. But after doing some research, I am changed. And I am here to tell you that this lady is right. Feminism killed chivalry. Sort of.

The idea of chivalry comes from the medieval chivalric code, which, not unlike the honor code, emphasized living a life of loyalty, generosity, and goodness, virtues that largely haven’t gone away. But one of the most interesting parts I learned about the chivalrous lifestyle was the idea of “courtly love”. Essentially, if a knight wanted to date a lady, he had to pull out all the stops. If he wanted to win her over, he had to do basically everything she said in order to prove that he deserved her. Moreover, he had to nobly accept that even his best efforts didn’t guarantee a relationship, but was still expected to respect her independence and personal choices.

Not only that, but femininity was regarded as a powerful, spiritual and moral force. Talk about girl power! So what happened?

It seems that throughout history and various cultures, there has always been a battle of the sexes. Women are higher than men. Men are higher than women. It’s a back and forth struggle. Because feminism is an idea that fuels equality for both sexes, the old-fashioned use of the term “chivalry” is relatively dead. Just to get all technical on you. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate getting the door opened for me every once in awhile. Just like guys probably really like when we girls make them cookies or whatever it is we girls do for our guys.

I think love isn’t strictly defined by what guys are supposed to do for girls or what girls are supposed to do for guys. When it comes down to love, both sides need to give their all in a relationship, or it’s doomed to fail. So I suggest that all of us, male and female, adapt the chivalrous lifestyle. Let’s just give each other our all.

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