Thứ Tư, 23 tháng 1, 2013

10 Tips for Healing Negative Body Image

1. Stop Comparing. "When you focus on all the things you're not you miss out on all the things you already are.

2. Think of the women in your life who you admire. Why do you admire them? Strive to improve these qualities in yourself instead of focusing on your body imperfections. 

3. Just as you spend time getting ready in the morning doing your hair and putting on your makeup spend time getting your spirit ready by praying, reading the scriptures, listening to uplifting music, etc

 4. Focus on an eternal perspective.

5. Thank your body for all it does for you. Marvel at the magnificence of the human body. Learn to appreciate it instead of always looking at your flaws.

6. Stop weighing yourself. Take your power back from the number you see on the scale. The scale can only tell you your relationship with gravity. Instead focus on how you feel. 

7. Embrace your differences and uniqueness. Appreciate the differences in everyone. Love what makes you, YOU.
8. Make your own definition of beauty. What makes someone beautiful to you? Live by that standard instead of the worlds.
 9. Instead of picking your body apart and focusing on your "problem areas" Look at your body as a whole. Pray to see yourself how Heavenly Father sees you and when looking in the mirror strive to see yourself that way. Instead of thinking "what will others think of me" think, "what will Heavenly Father think of me"

10. Remember, your body is not a democracy. You're the only one who gets a vote. Decide you love your body, maybe not because it looks perfect, but because its yours and it allows you to experience all that life has to offer! Don't let anyone's opinion about your body change the fact that YOU love and appreciate YOUR body. 

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