Thứ Tư, 31 tháng 10, 2012

Your Right to Vote

I love these ladies from Nevada County.

My middle school history teacher once told me, "If you can vote and you don't, you're not allowed to complain for the next four years!"  This was his funny way of saying that your vote is important and if you don't voice your opinion in the most democratic way, then your voice becomes a lot less credible when you try to speak out. So, women of BYU and beyond, I'm taking it upon myself to urge you to vote!

I was just barely not old enough to vote in the last election (that tells you just how old I am). This time around, I registered to vote in my native state, and I am patiently waiting for my absentee ballot to make it to my mailbox. I hope if you had to register to vote in your respective state that you've registered already, since many deadlines have passed. This election has held so much more weight for me since I have a vote in a state that could go either way, and it usually goes the against the way that I am voting this year. I have listened to the news a little more carefully, learned about conflicts and issues across the world, and researched which candidates would support my own ideals in office.

Women haven't been able to vote for very long, considering the span of history. I am grateful for the women who fought for their right to vote, and as one of their successors, I feel obligated to take advantage of my right to vote. It was not always a right that women enjoyed. I am grateful that I live in a place where my opinion matters and the public has a say in what goes on in our country and its policies. I am grateful for the people who have upheld and protected that freedom for me.

Now, I do not care who you vote for. I mean, I would love for the person that I vote for to win, but I know that other people think differently than I do, and in our system, the majority rules. I would like for everyone to be informed voters who know the issues and policies that will affect them. Now that I'm a real adult, I realize that my vote in the federal and local elections will have an effect on policies that will affect me. I just strongly urge you to vote, early or on election day, for the people who will take us through the next years.

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