Thứ Ba, 2 tháng 10, 2012

Why This Woman is my New Hero

Her name is Razia Jan. She lives in Afghanistan and I have never met her, but I do not need to meet her to know that I would love her. Razia runs the Zabuli Education Center and educates girls despite threats on her life. I love what she is doing, especially because women in her culture are not treated like equals, and she hopes to remedy that through education and breaking the cycle of violence.

Last week, Razia was named a CNN Hero for 2012. With this honor comes a $50,000 prize. Guess what she plans to do with the money? She is going to expand the school so that her classrooms are not so crowded; she also wants to start teaching adult women who haven’t been able to attend school so that their lives will improve. And since she never closes the school on holidays or in the winter, she is planning on buying winter clothes for the girls as well as a van to transport the teachers.

It humbles me to know that these girls go to school every day with an imminent threat on their lives. The day Razia’s school opened, 100 girls were killed by a hand grenade at another girls’ school on the other side of town. I feel so blessed to live in a country and a culture that encourages young women to get an education. These girls’ fathers have to be convinced that there is worth in learning for them. My father always encouraged me to pursue an education and showed me the value of learning. I’m so lucky that I was able to attend college, study what I felt was right for me, and it has made me a better person. These women do not have the life that I live and I hope one day that will change.

This woman is making that change. She said, “The knowledge is something that nobody can steal from them.” And that is why she is my hero.


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