Thứ Ba, 23 tháng 10, 2012

Tina Fey - Comedic Superhero

I've always been a fan of the often-irreverent Saturday Night Live. I grew up in Chicago and "Da Bears" sketch was quoted often, the Sprockets dances made me giggle every time I saw it, I need more cowbell, and Adam Sandler movies still make me laugh so hard that I cry. So it was no surprise to me that I love women on that show who are just as funny. Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Rachel Dratch, and Cheri Oteri - to name a few.  So when I watched the latest episode of 30 Rock (which is also often irreverent), I had to laugh at how Tina Fey, who is both an actor and a writer for the show, handled a social issue that was prevalent in the media about women not being funny.

A few months ago, Adam Carolla said in an interview that men were funnier than women, and people had a field day with that comment. Since he thinks women in bikinis jumping on trampolines is a good segment for his television show, I think it gives you an idea of where his focus is when it comes to women. But Tina Fey took a very direct approach in the last episode of 30 Rock where one of the characters tweeted that women weren't funny and tried to convince Liz (Tina Fey) that they should put a monkey on the show, since it was funny.  To show her co-workers that women could be funny, and funnier than a monkey, she put on a two-woman show, called Mahoney and Lemon. The voice over sings, "We don't need to prove it to you!" The clip for that is above, and I love it. They don't need to prove that women are funny - the show is evidence of that already.

I love that Tina Fey can stand for women in comedy, and that she can poke fun at everyone, whether it be on SNL or 30 Rock. To make this story even better - in 2000, Tina Fey and Rachel Dratch had a two-woman off-Broadway show that was well-received by critics, called Dratch & Fey - so the above clip is also semi-autobiographical. A Wall Street Journal writer said that the production "isn't about two women being funny.... Dratch and Fey are just funny. Period."  And if that doesn't say that she's a funny woman, you can consult her 22 Emmy Awards.

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