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Rock Your Body: Strawberry

“When a woman becomes her own best friend life is easier.” 
-Diana von Furstenberg

The "strawberry" body type (also refered to as an inverted triangle) is characterized by:
*shoulders broader then hips
*a larger bust
*undefined waist/ straight ribcage
*slimmer legs and hips
*wearing a larger size on top then on bottom

If you're body shape resembles a strawberry, its your upper body that naturally takes center stage. Your shoulders and chest are larger in comparison to your waist and hips. This is a very "fit" looking body type and is shared by many athletes. (You lucky ducks!). Some other famous ladies rocking this body type are the above pictured Demi Moore, along with Alyssa Milano, Dolly Parton, Renée Zellweger, and Naomi Campbell. None too shabby, right? 

 Dressing Your Body Type
When picking clothes, your main aim is to discreetly add volume around your hips while flattering your shoulders. This gives your bottom half a little stage time, keeps your lower body looking proportionate to your top, and softens your whole figure. You've got this, no sweat.

The skies to limit when it comes to picking out pants! Patterns, colors, pockets, really anything tends to look fantastic on your great legs. Adding details to your bottom half draw the attention there rather then your attention grabbing upper body. Large and detailed pockets also can contribute to the illusion of curves to your bottom half. Make your bottoms lighter then your top to give your best feature the emphasis. As with the pant leg width, you've got lots of choices. Wider pant legs add volume to your bottom half to balance out your top and tend to be your best bet. However, a straight leg can work as a natural extension of your killer leg line and you can even pull of skinny jeans better then most other shapes IF your careful with how you do it. If your working the skinny, just make sure what your wearing on top is as simple as possible to avoid exaggerating the inverted triangle shape your body naturally has. Just remeber: the fussier the top, the wider your pant legs need to be to keep everything proportionate. Otherwise you can end up looking unbalanced.

A-line skirts or something else that nips you at your waist and flares out is great for balancing your shoulders and creating a defined waistline! Go for structured skirts rather than lightweight ones because they hold their own shape to add volume better.  Avoid tube skirts and pencil skirts because they tend to make you look top heavy due to their narrowing at the bottom. If you love these types of skirts and can't live without them, just make double sure the top half of your outfit is simplified and clean. Another fun and fashionable alternative is to try a tulip or peplum skirt instead. Again, don't be afraid to go for bright, light, and loud when choosing a skirt to wear. Texture (such as lace) and other details do the same thing here as thy do with pants, drawing the attention to you gorgeous stems.

Tops can be a trickier for strawberries. Choose soft and clean pieces in order to soften up your buffer upper body. If you have a bigger bust, choose your neckline carefully. You don't want something too low cut but super high-cut shirts like turtlenecks actually often emphasis the chest. A fairly modest V neck looks great on you, but avoid boat necks and halter tops. Solid, dark colored, or tops with smaller prints rather then larger work to your advantage as well.  More often then not you'll want tops to streamline your shoulders, accentuate your waist by coming in, and then float away around the hips to add volume on bottom. In general, stretchy fabrics or fabrics that fall fairly close to the upper body work better for you then chunky knit sweaters and over-sized tops. Don't hide your gorgeous self  under bulky tops; you'll end up looking bigger then you really are. Instead tailored pieces highlight your beauty in the best way possible.

You want the action on your dress to happen on the bottom half. Ruffled and bubble-y dress bottoms look fantastic on you as do any other lower half frills. A fitted bodice and flared skirt are universally flattering on strawberries. Keep your neckline open and avoid off-the-shoulder and puffy or frilly sleeves. Bias cut dresses and tunic dresses look absolutely fabulous on you, especially if you choose options that nip in at the waist. Floral feminine prints, pastel pallets, and light fabrics soften your shape and add girly curves. Just avoid too stiff fabrics on top and narrowing hemlines. If your choosing a color blocked dress, go with the lighter color on bottom rather then on top. Also don't be afraid to add tights under dresses; you can definitely pull it off.  Dresses are a great option in general because they're simple, put-together, and tend to look stellar on almost all body types. Just keep these basic outlines in mind and have some fun next time you go clothes shopping. 

You've got the clothes now on to the accessories! Coats that flare out at the waist are perfect for you, as are more deconstructed jackets (basically shoulder pad-less and more fluid). Cropped jackets are fine too, just make sure you aren't wearing skinny jeans or another narrowing type of bottom. Now on to the shoes. Two toned, colored, and thicker heels (such as wedges and platforms) work well in balancing that upper and bottom half. Ruched and slouched boots have a similar effect. Scarfs add bulk up top so keep them small and simple during the winter months. Belts, on the other hand, look fantastic on you because they emphasize your body's smallest part. Finally choose moderate sized jewelry to keep balanced, add a cross-body bag, and you are finite. Now that you've got some basic tips, go out there and rock it like the beautiful strawberry you are! 

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