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Rock Your Body: Pear Style

"I'm sincerely grateful for my buttocks." - Kate Winslet

The "pear" body type is characterized by:
* Fuller hips and thighs
*A well-defined waist
*Shoulders narrower then your hips
*A smaller bust
*Fuller or muscular legs

In short, the pear body shape involves the hip, butt, and thigh region taking center stage. As a pear/hourglass hybrid myself, I can understand if you're still not sure if you fit into this category. You can go to this website and answer a few questions to figure out what body type you best fit in. It's not an exact science, and often times we can identify with 2 or 3 different body types. Don't stress. This is about dressing your body and clothes should be FUN!!! Oftentimes its a matter of trying different things and realizing what flatters our body and what doesn't. Plus, you get to read even MORE of our posts on dressing different body shapes. It's a win-win. 

Pears are in good company. Famous pears (such as Mrs. Winslet) include Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, Beyonce, Jennifer Love-Hewitt, Eva Longoria, Kim Kardashian, and Christina Aguilera. They all DEFIANTLY know how to rock it so you can too, no sweat!

Dressing Your Body Type
It's all a simple balancing act. Since your hip region grabs the most attention, 
dressing is a chance to highlight other assets so they can stand out too.


Choose pants (trousers or jeans) with wider legs (boot-cut, straight, flared). Skinny jeans or trousers aren't your most flattering pick (for most people really) but they are in style. If you're not willing to give up skinnies, choose darker washes such a black or dark blue to detract attention. Whiskering or a lighter wash on the hips of pants should be avoided like the plague as should large flaps on back pockets or detailed embellishment on the bum. Go for simple flat pockets, a mid-rise, and a structured fit. You want bottoms to be classic, simple, and clean to streamline your silhouette.

Any type of skirt that has volume to it is a great option because it floats away from the body and flares out. A-line and hoop skirts are a classic choice and maxi skirts were made for you. The goal is that you want to skim hips and thighs to create the most flattering shape for your body. 

Have fun and be bold when choosing tops because you have so many great options! Colors, patterns, ruffles, and detailing draw attention to your great upper body. Choose more form fitting options rather then smocks or shapeless tops to accentuate your tiny and fabulous waist, just make sure they end above the hips. Try adding layers like jackets and cardigans on top to balance out your bottom half and create a put together look. 

Dresses follow the same principles as tops and bottoms. Choose pieces that draw attention up. Lower cuts work well with a pear's smaller bust and embellishments add a certain "wow" factor work great if placed on the top. If you need to make a dress more modest, bolero jackets and cardigans look great on you and add more volume on top. Ideally, dresses should skim the lower body, creating a more hourglass-like balance appearance. Avoid really stretchy and clingy fabrics (such as sheath dresses or pencil cuts), along with a ruffles around your bottom (which just adds volume and screams, "Look at me; look at me!"). If choosing a color-blocked dress, go for the darker color on bottom and the lighter on top. 

Now lets pull everything together. When it comes to jackets, go with wide lapels and voluminous sleeves. Anything that widens shoulders is a good bet. More often then not, choose structured jackets that cut off above the hip (unless it flares out to skim hips, such as a structured trench). With shoes, the goal is to lengthen the leg. Heels and knee high boots look smashing on you and are stylish to boot! If you have shorter or thicker legs, avoid heels with straps around the ankle as they cut off the line of your leg. You can handle really bold pieces of statement jewelry and pull of any and all scarfs you want. Belts around the waist really accentuate your little middle; just avoid low slung belts around hips which accentuate your widest area. Finally, pick a purse to match your outfit and you're ready to rock it like the beautiful, self-confident pear you are!

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