Thứ Hai, 29 tháng 10, 2012

Rethink Your Problems

        So a colleague of mine showed me this video the other day and I have been thinking a lot about it. I am not promoting, but I do think their ad is a much needed reality check. After watching this I have been thinking more about the things that I complain about. Many of the things that I complain about would be considered blessings to other people. My clothes are much less a function than they are fashionable. I have holiday decorations up in my house so the roof over my head not only keeps my dry, but it is cute and "homey" feeling at the same time. I can decide what food I would like to eat, and I usually have so many choices that I have a hard time deciding. Sometimes I eat when I'm not even hungry or sometimes my food cute, like the owl cupcake I ate the other day. I get to complain about how the doctors openings did not match up with my schedule perfectly rather than being thankful that I had a doctor near by and insurance to pay for it. I am happy to say that this video has changed the way I think. My husband (who I had watch this video) and I were driving in his car the other day and he said "My car doesn't fit me." I assumed he meant his body did not fit in the car well. He said, "No, my car doesn't match my personality." I quickly reminded him how this was a huge first world problem and we both smiled knowing how ridiculous it was. It is hard to change the way we think. In watching this video, these complaints sound odd coming out of the mouths of these less privileged people, and I would hope that someday they will sound odd coming out of our mouths too.

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