Thứ Tư, 12 tháng 9, 2012

Women in Politics

Hello my fellow readers. I will take a short minute to introduce myself, since this will be my first post. I am now working in WSR and loving it! I'm swimming in estrogen over here :) It's lovely. I love what we stand for and the ways in which we strive to lift and strengthen women in all different walks of life. There is something especially beautiful about the sisterhood that is felt woman to woman. I am an MFT graduate student in my second year here at BYU. This experience has taught me more about myself than I have ever previously learned about anything! It has been a tremendous blessing. I have been married nearly 4 wonderful years. I enjoy cooking, cake decorating (did this for 6 years before grad school), roller-blading, playing games with family, singing, and I love love love to be outside right smack in the middle of nature. I prefer trees to cement. I have a big heart and considering loving others to be one of my talents.

Now, on to today's post... As many of you have noticed, it is political season! Though politics are important, I find myself feeling exhausted by all the bantering and slander by the time we vote. Though I would not consider myself very politically minded, I try to keep up on the issues and I have watched both the democratic and republican conventions this year. In both cases, I enjoyed hearing the candidates wives speak, rather than the actual candidates. This got me thinking about the unique situation these women are in.

 It seems to me that these women do more than they get credit for. They are just as essential to the campaign as are the candidates. Much of what they do is in representation of the campaign and their husbands. The pressure has got to be crushing. They are constantly being watched and analyzed all for the sake of their husband's jobs. I wonder what they do to remain an individual and not just "the president's/governer's wife". I wonder how they maintain their identity separate from their husbands who are under all the lights. What role do you think these women play in the presidency? While listening to Michelle and Anne speak at the conventions I thought, I wish these women would run for president rather than their husbands. Do you think a woman will ever become president, if so is that day near?

 Sometimes I feel that women's voices get lost in politics. Percentage-wise, there are very few women in politics compared to men. Do you feel that your voice is heard by male politicians? What are specific issues that women need politicians to hear? A big issue for me would be equal pay for women. I would love to hear what you all think about this issue! Kathleen

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