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There's a club for that!

Classes have just started up again and it is time for the clubs at BYU to make their return! Joining a club can be a great way to network, meet friends, and explore areas you might be interested in. My last year of school, I realized that I was not as involved as I wanted to be. I had been a research and teaching assistant, but those positions did not really facilitate my social life or help me to meet other people (in fact, being a TA made freshman veer out of my path). So I decided to join Women in Science, Psi Chi Honor Society, and the Psych Association. I had fun with the girls in Life Sciences Department who welcomed me with open arms, even though I was technically in the Social Sciences. I was able to hear great, and often hilarious, lectures from professors in my major sponsored by the Psych Association, and an honor society added a great line to my resume and helped me meet people who were active in my field of study.

On campus, there are several clubs specifically for women or about women’s topics in certain fields. Most of them are open to all BYU students and require a small fee for membership. I would encourage you to check out these awesome clubs on campus and find a group of people that you can interact with outside of class. It's worth it!

A club that is close to my heart! They focus on serving in the community and showing girls that science can be fun and a viable interest for them. They bring women together in the Life Sciences Department, and all over BYU. This year they are already planning a tour of the University of Utah medical school, visits to elementary schools, and maybe a snow-shoeing trip this winter!
                Opening Social: September 12th, 7 PM, 455 MARB
                Second event: October 10th, 7 PM, Lecture by Dr. Miner (MD)
Women in Business:
The winner of the 2012 Bateman Outstanding Marriott School Club Award, this club is for female business students and anyone who may be interested in the business program. They focus on networking, skills for the workplace, and connecting students with each other.
                Opening Social: September 11, 4-5:30. TNRB W408/410 (RSVP on their website)
This cool group provides a place for students to feel comfortable with philosophy as a field of study and to read and discuss works of women philosophers to make them known.
               Opening Social: September 13th, 7 PM, JFSB Square
“This club is designed to explore and discuss media matters that are of interest to women. Join us.” Their Facebook page states this simple mission and the group meets almost every month to watch a film and provides a community where the challenges and opportunities that are specific to female TMA students may be discussed.

These are just a few of the options you have of clubs, make sure to check out other clubs such as the Society of Women Engineers, WE@BYU,  Women in Computer Science, and Women of the School of Accountancy. You can also find any club – from the Tall Club, Swing Kids Club, Kayaking Club, or any special interest club at
Happy club hunting!

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