Thứ Sáu, 14 tháng 9, 2012

That's What Makes You Beautiful

Meet Lizzie Velasquez. Lizzie is a 23 year old college student that was born with an extremely rare syndrome: her body cannot store energy or gain weight. With 0% body fat, the fact that Lizzie is living and healthy is an absolute MIRACLE, and the trials of bullying, teasing, and taunting she's overcome in her life is astonishing. Once called "The World's Ugliest Women," Lizzie is now a motivational speaker and has published two books targeted towards young girls about the inherit beauty inside each of us. This girl has made some seriously good lemonade out of all the lemons life has thrown her way! Her attitude towards life and her story are an inspiration and show just how beautiful she really is. If you interested in reading an article about Lizzie (or watching this youtube video about her life), it's DEFIANTLY worth 5-10 minutes of your time.

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