Thứ Hai, 24 tháng 9, 2012


Minding my own business, sitting calmly in class, talking nonchalantly about opportunity cost, and this ad was shown to illustrate the principal. 

So, how does this make you feel? I have to admit, it felt a little bit demeaning to me. If I were a choice and the other option was a hamburger...
 I just don't feel super good about being an object of pleasure.

Doesn't it seem like that's really how women are portrayed in the media? This is a soap box for me, so maybe I'll save the spiel for later.

And now, I think I had better introduce myself!

My name is Kristen. My favorite thing about my name is that Kristen means "follower of Christ." I hope with all my heart to be a disciple.

I am studying early child education at BYU, and I love music, running, writing, reading, pondering, philosophizing, and learning. 

I am very passionate about the power of women and standing up for being strong in who we are, not just what we are. I believe in the divine role of womanhood and that simply being a woman makes you beautiful. I'm excited to be writing for Women's Services and know that I will learn and grow a lot as we contribute together to the strength and service of woman.

This is me. Reading T.S. Elliot, of course. I am really quite a quiet soul.

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